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Zhang Fei
Zhang Fei
Artwork from Dynasty Warriors 7


General Chicken




Chinese History / Reality

Zhang Fei is a historical Chinese general that served Liu Bei. He along with Guan Yu have fought along side Liu Bei for a long time and they consider each other sworn brothers. He is also is known to have a mutual fondness for overdrinking liquor. After the death of Liu Bei, he despaired and drank heavily. He was assassinated by two of his soldiers, Fan Jiang and Zhang Da.

Zhang Fei is known to be a prideful and a generally cheerful man, however due to his love of alcohol and short temper he is known to be atricious at times. During battle, Zhang Fei will not show mercy to his enemies and will pursue at any cost. In battle, he displays hardiness and vast strength and is deeply loyal to Liu Bei. He also the father of three daughters and is extremely protective of them. In Dynasty Warriors, his weapons of choice are various lances such as the Shemao (Serpent Lance) and etc. In history, he is more of a skilled and intelligent man than in the novel, Romance of The Three Kingdoms.

In M.U.G.E.N, Zhang Fei has been made by General Chicken.



The sprites come from Sango Fighter 2. His A.I. is difficult and he will execute his combos and will juggle them in the air as with General Chicken's other characters. His moveset consists of the use of punches, kicks, chain kicks, energy projectiles, and uppercuts. Unlike General Chicken's other characters, which are pretty hard, Zhang Fei's AI is more difficult.  He also comes with the same juggling powers and mercy rules as his other characters.

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