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Affiliated to Mugen Imperio Latino

Zelgadis is a M.U.G.E.N character and stage creator affiliated with Mugen Imperio Latino (MIL).

He is best known for being the creator of The King of Fighters Memorial series of The King of Fighters fangames, and MIL serves as his sole official distribution channel for the games, along with updates, bugfixes and the occassional release of characters, some of which are online for only weeks before being taken offline.

Many of his characters are edits from other characters, but with many new special and super moves thrown in to distinguish them from their sources. However, he does have a couple of truly original characters, including his most famous creation, Yukino Ozawa.


Zelgadis is also one of the more frequently criticised MUGENites, even among the Spanish speaking community.

Many of his characters (especially the "normal" ones) have a very cheap and brutal A.I., making his fan-games extremely difficult at times. Some also feel that his characters have not been sufficiently edited from their source to justify credit to his name.

The most levelled criticisms are his failure and unwillingness to bugfix the KOFM releases and his resultant indifference to the bug reporting that goes on in the "KOFM Bug Report" section in MIL. It is alleged that he has blatantly refused to fix certain bugs in both KOFM games even after many users have reported them in the forums, even going as far as deleting posts reporting these bugs.