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Yukari's Gap
Yukari Yakumo makes Reimu Hakurei fight Meimu for her amusement on DAREKA's YUKARIN




DAREKA's version
Soruzin's version is currently offline

Yukari's Gap is an original Touhou Project-themed stage created by Soruzin. As the name implies, the stage takes place inside one of Yukari Yakumo's gaps, which provides an opening that gazes upon the Hakurei Shrine as various residents of Gensokyo pass by, seemingly unaware of the gap's existence. The stage comes with two different variations, which change the appearance of the eyes that form inside the gap.

DAREKA's version

This stage does not feature any music





Super Jump




DAREKA's version has a sprite of Yukari Yakumo from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody standing in front of the gap's opening while acting as an onlooker to the battle, as well as several ominous floating eyes in the background that slowly move in an easterly direction and simultaneously phase in and out of view every so often. While the stage is horizontally only slightly smaller than average, the sprite deltas of the elements nearer the foreground give off the impression that the stage is actually much smaller, as character's 'appear' to have their movement speeds restricted; it is possible that the slower moving foreground elements combined with the faster moving eyes in the background were intended to give off some sort of circular 3D effect, with much of this coming about as a result of the wind gushing effect creating an optional illusion by appearing to rotate in opposition to the stage camera's horizontal movements. The stage doesn't have a great deal of height to it, so combatants don't need to do that much jumping before they start to disappear off the top of the game window.


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