Yellow Bird
Artwork from Angry Birds Toons



Oldest version

Tanicfan22's first version (2012)

Newest version

Tanicfan22's second version (2013)


Angry Birds

The Yellow Bird (referred to as Chuck in the Angry Birds Toons and more recent games) is a character from the Angry Birds series and the third member of the Flock to appear in the original Angry Birds.

Unlike the other birds, he is cone-shaped. Chuck is incredibily fast and hyperactive. In the Angry Birds Toons, he is clumsy, easily distracted and arrogant. In the Angry Birds games, his special ability is to speed up when the screen is tapped. He is most effective against wood. When the activation of his ability is timed correctly, he can pierce through multipe wooden structures. He is significantly less effective against glass or stone.

In M.U.G.E.N, Yellow Bird has been made by Tanicfan22 twice.

Tanicfan22's first version


Like Tanicfan22's other Angry Birds characters, Yellow Bird has an incredibly small amount of sprites, only two Normals and no Specials or Hypers. The sprites appear to have been ripped from Angry Birds, though visual artefact is prominent.


Tanicfan22's second version


While Tanicfan22's second version adds more sprites and a Special and Hyper, he's still an incredibly lackluster character, still having an incredibly small moveset. His only Hyper doesn't cost any Power and his Special and Hyper are erroneously classified as Normals.

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