Luigi356's version
Aznperson569M's version
SC1614's version
Fighuas's version
FredderyII's version
ravenboy9's version
MarioPingasRobotnik's version
Hittable Overpowered version
Adrian's edit


Internet meme

Weegee is a well-known and old internet meme found commonly in YouTube Poops. Weegee is a corruption of Luigi, Mario's brother.

Luigi's design in Mario is Missing! for the PC is what sparked the Weegee fad, not only because of its lack of actual resemblance to Luigi, but also because of his creepy face. His most well-known power is his stare, which is commonly depicted to make his victim spontaneously combust or turn into a Weegee clone, known as the "Weegee Virus". He is typically portrayed as inanimate and seemingly pops out of nowhere.

In M.U.G.E.N, Weegee was made by various creators.

aznperson569M's version

Aznperson569M's Weegee

This Weegee is Marvel vs. Capcom-styled, and many of his moves are based on YouTube Poops, with others inspired by characters such as Ken the Eagle from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Its sprites are edited from the original Weegee picture. His A.I. is rather easy.

Luigi356's version

Luigi356 Weegee

This Weegee uses F1 as a base and can instakill normal characters without instant reversals.

Ravenboy9's version

Ravenboy9's Weegee has but a single attack that functions as an instakill that activates on command, which can K.O. characters such as Chuck Norris, the Ultimate Chimera and the F1 button.


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