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Wario MP10
Artwork from Mario Party 10




@ndroide's Wario Fix
Prince Doopliss's God Wario
Mario11766's Wario
Adrian's version FrancoIIIOliquino's version
Pingurules's version
SNS's version
mugendude26's Wario Kart
KoopaKingdom's version
LUIGIMAN's version
Duckerman12's SMB3 Wario
Duckerman12's Pesky Wario
mariotime's version
Arcade Wario
jakobthecool867's Pesky Wario
jakobthecool867's Sparring Wario
googoo64's version
reiga's version
Wario Collection
Mario11766's Pesky Plumber Wario version(s)
Mario11766's Sparring Wario
Vader's version
Killer Wario
Ax and flammableking's old version
Ax and Flammableking's new version


Super Mario

Wario is Mario's arch rival. Wario is a greedy treasure hunter and hosts his own microgames among his friends in the WarioWare, Inc. series. He is also the "brother" of Waluigi, with the two teaming up together in various spinoff games. In some rare cases, he even teams up with Bowser.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was first created by Warner and later, many other creators made their own versions.

Warner's second version


Great Wario lives up to its name now, but this wasn't always the case, as it used to be a spriteswap of Big Eli King's self character; fortunately with the help of @ndroide, it was fixed, making a solid and famous character in the process.


J. NEWMAN's version


A rather limited version of Wario, this version has no Specials or Hypers, and doesn't even have all of its Normals implemented. It also can't even lay down a single combo. The character may use SNES-styled sprites, but otherwise, this portly plumber isn't-a gonna win, even in the hands of the most seasoned players around.


Mamaluigi339's version


Using the widely despised Eternity of Heroes template, this version of Wario attempts to ape the gameplay of a Marvel vs. Capcom-styled character. It features unsafe moves, an overpowered Hyper, and various other bugs, such as questionably optimized hitboxes.


Flammableking & Mistah Jorge's version


With plenty of Specials and Hypers to keep opponents at bay, Wario plays like a Marvel vs. Capcom character, harboring aerial raves, chain comboing, and everything in between. It uses sprites from Wario Land 4, as well as possibly using Infinity Mugen Team's teamplate, but it has no infinites or real bugs.


SNS' version (SSBB)


This Wario possesses attacks that he didn't even have in SSBB that function irregularly, absurdly powerful AI that can easily outmaneuver most computer opponents, CLSN issues, and some awkward alignment in the included .air file. Interestingly his "Wario Waft" move functions exactly like it did in the source game but unlike SSBB when charged up fully, it can deliver an almost instant KO.


  • ShinRyoga's Super Mario has a special intro against himself, where both Marios punch Wario at the same time, and he flies away.

See also

  • Wario-Man - The superhero alter-ego of Wario.


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