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Artwork from Mario Party 9




Ivan Luiz's Waluigi
Mr IBZS' version
SMB3 Waluigi
NES Waluigi
Bigshowoffall's Waluigi
J.NEWMAN's Waluigi
Super Waluigi
DRACUL's Waluigi
MGSSJ2's Waluigi
Viniciuspikachu1's Waluigi
J.Newman's SNES Waluigi
Unknown edit
Warioman's NES Waluigi
Waluigi Goro
Mamaluigi339's Version
Waluigi & OTH
Waluigi Fabrication
Blood Waluigi
Mayonnaise Waluigi
Dark Waluigi
Hyper God Legend Waluigi
Invincible Waluigi
Waluigi Aegis
Chocolate Waluigi
Killer Waluigi
Dead Waluigi
Waluigi-K (Updated)
Retarded Waluigi


Super Mario

Waluigi is a character from the Super Mario series and is Wario's sidekick. He is usually found in the Mario sport and spin-off games, such as the Mario Tennis, Mario Kart and Mario Party series.

Unlike most of the other Mario characters, Waluigi is never found in the core Mario series games, such as Super Mario 64. He made his first appearance in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64. Being an exaggeration of Luigi, he is very tall and skinny, causing him to slouch down to be at a normal height. Waluigi is always seen wearing a purple shirt and dark blue-gray overalls. Like Wario is rivals with Mario, he considers himself to be Luigi's arch rival, and frequently is.

In M.U.G.E.N, Waluigi was originally created twice by Warioman, but many other versions of exist.

Warioman's WaluigiEdit


Expecting a spriteswap? Too bad! Waluigi Time! Sprited by NO Body the Dragon and coded by Warioman, this Waluigi opts for gameplay loosely inspired by the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


Ivan Luiz's WaluigiEdit


Ivan Luiz Waluigi is an edit of Warioman's Waluigi. The sprites are of reasonable size, and thus the pixels didn't need to be doubled in size through the .cns file unlike Warioman's version, But the sprites are poorly animated. It's character idle sprite came from Warner El Toxchic's sprite artwork of Waluigi. The rest of the sprites were edited off Warner's sprite and others were poorly drawn by Ivan himself.

Warioman's NES WaluigiEdit

NES Waluigi

Warioman's version is a spriteswap of Kung Fu Man, and unlike the other NES Waluigi, this one can actually fight. He is possibly Warioman's first ever M.U.G.E.N creation. He has no special attacks but he has one hyper move.

SMB3 WaluigiEdit


This Waluigi has sprites styled as he's in SMB3, its plays just like NES Mario, by just jumping and growing.

NES WaluigiEdit


This Waluigi has custom sprites styled in NES form, just like SMB3 Waluigi, it's a swap of NES Mario.

Bigshowoffall's WaluigiEdit


This version of Waluigi has custom sprites as if he was in "Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga". He has an easy AI but no specials or hypers but is cheap when used by the player.

J.Newman's WaluigiEdit


This version of Waluigi happens to be one of the worst Waluigis in this section. It has no specials or hypers, poorly animated sprites, and just plain weak attacks and missing an animation whenever he's dizzy. But he also has an easy AI to face against and sometimes when he throws someone they turn invisible for a few moments.

The WaluigiKing's Super WaluigiEdit

This version of Waluigi is a sound swap of a tall scaled version of Shinryoga's Super Luigi, which in turn is a palleteswap and sound swap of Super Mario. He was created by TheWaluigiKing. It contains sounds from Brawl, Mario Party 7 & 9 and Mario Kart Wii. TheWaluigiKing has said he will not update the character anymore due to the fact that he despises the character now and is replacing it with two edits of different versions of Waluigi.

Mr IBZS' VersionEdit

Mr IBZS Waluigi

This Waluigi was made by Mr IBZS with help from Yagoshi and happens to be one of the best Waluigi's out there. He has two hypers, more intros and win poses than Warioman's version and 3 extra palettes.

MGSSJ2's VersionEdit

MGSSJ2 Waluigi

This Waluigi plays somewhat different to the others. it has no Specials or Hypers but to make for that it can throw Bob-Bombs which sends the opponent flying a "Hammer Earthquake" move which does the same effect and a powerful uppercut move that can be cheap if the player is using him. His AI is normal, although you need to watch out for his bomb throw, not to mention his small size makes him hard to beat.

DRACUL's VersionEdit


This Waluigi is made by DRACUL. Like most of the other Waluigis it uses No Body the Dragon's spritework, but unlike the others, it appears to be hi-res. This character is most likely unfinished, as most of the sprites are missing and the clsn looks almost the same to Kung Fu Man's, hence the possibility of this version being a spriteswap.

Viniciuspikachu1's WaluigiEdit


This Waluigi, like the others, uses Pesky Plumber sprites and they are in a different style but some are poorly edited, but has all of the attacks of Warioman's Waluigi meaning he is underpowered, but has correct CLSNs on everything, seeming like a edit.

J.NEWMAN's SNES WaluigiEdit


This Waluigi uses edited SMW sprites, and has a Tanooki tail, but he can't face the right way and is too small and only has basic attacks, and has bad CLSNs. Also, for a strange reason, he has Wario sprites in his folder as well as the storyboard from Warner's old Wario.

Unknown Creator's EditEdit


An unknown creator edited Ivan's Waluigi, and it plays smoother, has better alligned sprites, which are well sized, but his Bomb-omb striker will go near the edge of the screen, and his hypers are harder to do. Like Ivan's version he does not have palletes. His standing sprite has also been improved. He is offline as of now.

Waluigifan4's VersionEdit

This Waluigi is a spriteswap of Gorjeador's Goro because of this he plays just like Goro and like most of the Waluigis it uses the Pesky Plumbers spritesheet by No Body.

Mamaluigi339's VersionEdit

Waluigi ult

This Waluigi uses Super Mario World styled sprites and is made by Mamaluigi339. Like most of his creations Waluigi uses the EOH template. It's also not very good.

Waluigi and OTHEdit

As the name states, it's just Warioman's Waluigi with Omega Tom Hanks following him, making him just as cheap as OTH.

Hyper God Legend WaluigiEdit

This version of Waluigi is a cheap edit of Viniciuspikachu1's Waluigi. He is able to beat other cheap characters such as F1, Chuck Norris, Killer Donald, ONI-MIKO-ZERO-R and more. He freezes and defeats the opponent instantly before the round begins.

Mayaonnaise WaluigiEdit

It's very simlar to the Waluigi above, except he has a different colored palette, has less graphics, no cheap nulls to freeze the opponent, and has mayo as a select portrait.

Chocolate WaluigiEdit

This version of Waluigi can throw chocolate bars that contain high amounts of damage and can learn a Shun Goku Satsu. He also has a chocolate bar as a select portrait. He was made by Mario11766 and was suggested by TheWaluigiKing.

TIS2012's WAAAHHHluigiEdit


TIS2012 is making a joke Waluigi, just like Mayonnaise Waluigi and Chocolate Waluigi. It will be based on the web comic "Waluigi Time", and it may possibly be cheap.

Idiot's Retarded WaluigiEdit

RetardedWaluigiStance 3

Retarded Waluigi is a spriteswap of Ivan Luiz's Waluigi, replacing most of the sprites and sounds with various sources akin to the creator's other "retarded" characters.

Videos Edit

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