Vivi Ornitier
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SpazAtack145's version (2009)

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SpazAtack145's version (2009)


Final Fantasy

Vivi Ornitier is a character from the Final Fantasy series who appears as playable character of the Black Mage class in Final Fantasy IX.

Vivi is modelled after a traditional Black Mage, complete with a pointy hat and a blue robe, though his hat's tip goes down due to Vivi's small size compared to the hat. Vivi is, at first, shy and clumsy, being afraid of using his magic to save his friends, though his self-confidence increases during his adventure. He was originally one of many Black Mages created from Mist, a byproduct produced from the Iifa Tree's filtering of Gaia's souls, to be used as a military weapon for Queen Brahne of Alexandria. However, Vivi was one of the few Black Mages who gained sentience and managed to escape. He was later found and adopted by Quan as his grandson.

In M.U.G.E.N, Vivi Ornitier has been made by SpazAtack145.

SpazAtack145's version


Playing with attacks from any Black Mage in the source game, Vivi is only armed with magic for its Specials and Hypers. His Specials are all projectiles, and most of them doesn't use up Power correctly. It's Hypers, while correctly using Power, are all very strong, though the player will have a hard time gathering Power for them.

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