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Final Fantasy

Vincent Valentine is a character from the Final Fantasy series and a playable character in Final Fantasy VII, able to be recruited into the party during an optional sidequest. He later appears as the main character of the spin-off title Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII.

Thirty years before the events of Final Fantasy VII, Vincent was originally a member of the Turks, an intelligence agency of the Shinra Electric Power Company that often engaged in reconnaissance, espionage and black ops. It was during this time that he developed a romantic relationship with Lucrecia Crescent, a biotechnologist working for Shinra under Professor Hojo. After Lucrecia became pregnant with Hojo's child and Vincent learned of Hojo's plans to use the unborn fetus as a test subject for the Jenova project, Vincent confronted Hojo, which resulted in Vincent's death. However, Hojo then used Vincent's body as a test subject for various experiments, resuscitating him into a coma-like state while granting him various powers including immortality and shapeshifting. In an effort to fully resuscitate Vincent, Lucrecia infused his body with Chaos-infused materia, along with the Protomateria to allow Vincent to control Chaos. After Vincent's awakening, he blamed himself for being unable to stop Lucrecia from submitting to Hojo's experiments on the unborn Sephiroth, causing him to lock himself in a coffin in the Shinra Mansion basement for the next 30 years while constantly reliving this events during his dreams in order to atone for his "sins". He is later discovered by Cloud Strife, who informs Vincent of Sephiroth's plans. Vincent decides to join Cloud in the hopes that he will confront Hojo again.

In M.U.G.E.N, Vincent Valentine has been created by Artistropeadope.

Artistropeadope's version


This Vincent uses attacks that are long in range, perhaps too long. While this Vincent may be focused on keep away or trap playstyles, many serious flaws plague Vincent, including easy infinites, over expanded hitboxes, numerous unpunishable moves, and fullscreen Normals that can easily keep an opponent in blockstun.

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