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Newest Version/Release Date (1/9/2013)

VSelect is a M.U.G.E.N character select screen editing tool created by Tunglashor. It aims to add a graphic user interface to the installation of characters beyond manual editing of the select.def file.

The program features an overlay of the currently used motif. Users can then drag and drop installed characters into the character select screen to install or rearrange them. Select.def will then be automatically changed by the program.

The program is also capable of visually displaying the current Arcade mode order of the characters. Once again, dragging and dropping will enable the order to be changed around, according to the character's perceived difficulty.

A list is available of all installed stages detected by the program and this may be used to assign a stage to a character, again by means of drag and drop: the user drags the character (or multiple characters) and drops it on a node in the list. This list can also be used to specify which stages are included in modes other than arcade mode; any stage not assigned to any character but designated "Included" will be added to the Select.def as an "ExtraStage".

Direct links to open select.def, system.def and mugen.cfg are included for convenience (and the user may specify the text editor to be used for this). Other options include the facility for automatically creating backups prior to saving changes to the Select.def (this feature is enabled by default as of version

The latest version of the program can be manually downloaded from the author's website. Earlier versions have also been pre-installed with the International Mugen Tournament screenpack.

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