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RicePigeon's Utsuho returns after finally coming to her senses, and this time she's packing some real nuclear heat. Utsuho may still be slow and stupid, but her gameplan now revolves around blasting the enemy away at both close and long ranges, with the damage output akin to devastating nuclear explosions; what's more, she can charge attacks to deal even more damage, or even blow through the opponent's attacks without flinching.

Utsuho Reiuji (Utsuho_RP)
Character portrait




RicePigeon's MUGEN Spot
GarchompMatt's Heavy soundpack




Utsuho Reiuji/RicePigeon's Version


Kohaku Utsuho idle

Utsuho Reiuji is technically a six-button character with the functionality of a standard three-button character, using the Button-xyz buttons for the vast majority of her moveset and the Button-abc buttons as shortcuts; (A)Button-a acts as a shortcut for the character's back and forward dashes when either Button-F or Button-B (respectively) is being held, (B)Button-b is used as a shortcut for the (Y)Button-y+(Z)Button-z input that's assigned to the character's throw, while (C)Button-c is used as a shortcut for the Button-xyz3 part of the command input that's used in the Level 3 Hypers. One of Utsuho's mutually exclusive level 3 spellcard Hypers has to be chosen at the beginning of every match, with Crow Sign "Yatagarasu Dive" being a close ranged attack attack that can serve as a powerful combo finisher and be used while either grounded or airborne, and Nuclear Heat "Uncontrollable Dive" being a powered up version of the Rocket Dive Special that lacks the Super Armour, but has quicker startup and projectile invincibility throughout the entirety of the attack's active frames.

True to self, Utsuho has very slow movement speed, but has an arsenal that consists of many hard hitting attacks. Utsuho's combo potential is limited as Utsuho cannot chain (Y)Button-y normals into (Z)Button-z normals. Each of Utsuho's special attacks and some hyper attacks can be charged by holding the button, which causes the move to gain additional properties, such as higher damage, more hits, increased hitbox size, or even armor on some moves. A fully charged Rocket Dive, for instance, can easily rival the damage of most level 1 Hyper attacks, while simultaneously allowing Utsuho to blaze past through the opponent's multi-hitting attacks completely uninterrupted. The most notable of these Special moves is Utsuho's Control Rod, which allows Utsuho to charge up the control rod while still being able to move around and attack, akin to Megaman and Zero's Mega Buster and Zero Buster attacks from the Marvel vs. Capcom games. For moves that have different charge levels, Utsuho will glow a different color to indicate the charge level; yellow or no glow for level 1, orange for level 2, and red for level 3. Most specials with a level 3 charge will occur automatically once Utsuho reaches that level 3 charge.

Of Utsuho's Hypers, Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" is unique in that charging the hyper will cause it to automatically cancel into another level Hyper, providing that Utsuho has the extra power to do so. With an additional 1000 power and a minimum of 50% charge, this Hyper will cancel into Explosion Sign "Giga Flare" once either Button-xyz is released, or if Utsuho has less than 2000 power remaining after using Mega Flare. Giga Flare, in addition to dealing more hits and more damage, has a much larger hitbox, covering the entire portion of the screen in front of Utsuho, as well as instantaneous startup after the super pause. If Mega Flare is charged to 100% and Utsuho has an additional 2000 power remaining, this Hyper will instead cancel into Nuclear Explosion "Tera Flare", which is an unblockable, true fullscreen attack that also hits OTG, however, the long charge time needed to successfully execute the Hyper may not make it practical in most situations, and should usually only be done to if the opponent is knocked down and a good distance away from Utsuho. Unlike Utsuho's other Level 3 Hypers, Tera Flare always accessible regardless of which Level 3 Hyper is chosen at the beginning of the match.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the gap displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Control Rod [ Button-xyz ] AirokProj
[ Button-xyz ] to charge
Level 2 charge: Softknockdown
Level 3 charge: Hardknockdown
[ Button-D ] to aim up (ground) or down (air)
Release Button-xyz to fire
RPUtsuho2S1 1 RPUtsuho2S1 2 RPUtsuho2S1 3
Ground level 1 charge Ground level 2 charge Ground level 3 charge
RPUtsuho2S1 4 RPUtsuho2S1 5 RPUtsuho2S1 6
Aerial level 1 charge Aerial level 2 charge Aerial level 3 charge
[ Button-D ]
RPUtsuho2S1 7 RPUtsuho2S1 8 RPUtsuho2S1 9
Ground level 1 charge Ground level 2 charge Ground level 3 charge
RPUtsuho2S1 10 RPUtsuho2S1 11 RPUtsuho2S1 12
Aerial level 1 charge Aerial level 2 charge Aerial level 3 charge
Name Command Input Properties
Hell Geyser QCF Button-xyz ProjSoftknockdown
[ Button-xyz ] to charge
Button-D Button-D to cancel charge
Charge be cancelled into forward or back dash
Level 1 charge: 1 geyser
Level 2 charge: 2 geysers
Level 3 charge: 3 geysers
RPUtsuho2S2 1 RPUtsuho2S2 2 RPUtsuho2S2 3
Level 1 charge Level 2 charge Level 3 charge
RPUtsuho2S2 4 RPUtsuho2S2 5 RPUtsuho2S2 6
Level 1 charge Level 2 charge Level 3 charge
RPUtsuho2S2 7 RPUtsuho2S2 8 RPUtsuho2S2 9
Level 1 charge Level 2 charge Level 3 charge
Name Command Input Properties
Flare Up DP Button-xyz ProjStartupinvSoftknockdown
[ Button-xyz ] to charge
Button-D Button-D to cancel charge
Charge be cancelled into forward or back dash
RPUtsuho2S3 1
RPUtsuho2S3 2
RPUtsuho2S3 3
Name Command Input Properties
Rocket Dive RDP Button-xyz AirokHighAerialSoftknockdown
[ Button-xyz ] to charge
Button-D Button-D to cancel charge
Charge be cancelled into forward or back dash
Level 2 charge: Armored*
Level 3 charge: Armored, Hardknockdown
RPUtsuho2S4 1 RPUtsuho2S4 2
Ground Aerial
RPUtsuho2S4 3 RPUtsuho2S4 4
Ground Aerial
RPUtsuho2S4 5 RPUtsuho2S4 6
Ground Aerial


Name Command Input Properties
Nuclear Sign "Creeping Sun" QCB QCB Button-xyz AirokProjTrackingHardknockdown
[ Button-xyz ] to charge
Charge levels increase projectile size & damage
Uses 1000 Power
RPUtsuho2H1 1 RPUtsuho2H1 2 RPUtsuho2H1 3
Ground level 1 charge Ground level 2 charge Ground level 3 charge
RPUtsuho2H1 4 RPUtsuho2H1 5 RPUtsuho2H1 6
Aerial level 1 charge Aerial level 2 charge Aerial level 3 charge
Name Command Input Properties
Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" QCF QCF Button-xyz ProjHardknockdown
[ Button-xyz ] to charge when remaining Power is 1000 or more
50%~99% charge cancels into Explosion Sign "Giga Flare" when Button-xyz is released, or if remaining Power is less than 2000
100% charge cancels into Nuclear Explosion "Tera Flare"
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Explosion Sign "Giga Flare" Occurs when Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" is 50%~99% charged ProjInvincibleHardknockdown
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Nuclear Explosion "Tera Flare" Occurs when Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" is 100% charged ProjFullscreenUnblockableInvincibleOtgiconHardknockdown
Uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Crow Sign "Yatagarasu Dive" QCF QCF Button-xyz3 / (C)Button-c AirokMid*High*Aerial*Startupinv*Hardknockdown
Only usable if respective spellcard is selected prior to match
Uses 3000 Power
RPUtsuho2H5 1 RPUtsuho2H5 2
Ground Aerial
Name Command Input Properties
Nuclear Heat "Uncontrollable Dive" QCB QCB Button-xyz3 / (C)Button-c HighAerialProjInvHardknockdown
Only usable if respective spellcard is selected prior to match
Uses 3000 Power

Palette Gallery

1,1 1,2 (Rin Kaenbyou's colours) 1,3 (Satori Komeiji's colours)
1,4 (Utsuho's Hisoutensoku Player 2 Default colours) 1,5 (Koishi Komeiji's colours) 1,6 (Kanako Yasaka's colours)
1,7 (Mystia Lorelei's colours) 1,8 (Reisen Udongein Inaba's Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth colours) 1,9 (Kamen Rider Necrom's colours)
1,10 1,11 (Mega Man's colours) 1,12
This character uses a Palette Selector that allows for more than 12 palettes to be chosen, and as such, only the first 12 are shown here. For a full list of palettes, see Alternative palettes.

Victory quotes


Nobody can withstand the ultimate energy!
Compared to the Sun, you are but a puny existence. But I won't show any sympathy.
This still isn't enough to stop this surging feeling! The nuclear reactions within me force me to rage even more!
Upon contamination within the nuclear reactor core, reactor operations are to be halted and the foreign substance eradicated immediately!
Wait, what were we doing again?
I've raised the firepower so much that she got vaporized without a trace? I've overdone it a bit. Well, whatever.


Hey, it's a shrine maiden. I can't tell you shrine maidens apart from one another.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
I've already obtained the ultimate power. Every time I use it, the geyser gushes forth.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
You couldn't even roast a bird with that firepower.
vs. Marisa Kirisame
My ultimate nuclear energy melts up everything completely!
vs. Marisa Kirisame
You're always trying to close in on me. Are you trying to burn yourself to death?
vs. Lie Meiling
You call your killing intent the ultimate power? Nothing beats nuclear energy!
vs. Lie Meiling
I wonder what's become of the new Hell? I really want to take a peek.
vs. Komachi Onozuka
Do the fires of the new Hell burn as hot as the sun?
vs. Komachi Onozuka
Ah yes, the energetic hydrogens are magnificently fusing today as well!
vs. Kanako Yasaka
I was going to use this power to burn down the surface world. That's what you wanted right?
vs. Kanako Yasaka
If god is trying to make me a slave, then why do I have this power?
vs. Lightning Farron
I ate a god once. Thats how I got this power. Maybe you should eat the one who enslaved you too.
vs. Lightning Farron



  • While Nuclear Explosion "Tera Flare" is not a spellcard that Utsuho uses in any of the official Touhou games, it continues the theme set by her Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" and Explosion Sign "Giga Flare" spellcards, with Mega-, Giga-, and Tera- all being prefixes for 1 million, 1 billion, and 1 trillion, respectively.
    • All three attacks are also references to the attacks of the same name used by the various forms of Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series. This is further emphasized by Nuclear Explosion "Tera Flare"'s animation bearing an almost identical execution to its Final Fantasy 7 counterpart.
  • Interestingly, Utsuho contains victory quotes against Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII, a character which currently has no M.U.G.E.N conversion.
    • In any case, both victory quotes against Lightning refer to both the plot of Final Fantasy XIII, as well as Utsuho's own manipulation by Kanako.


This character has not been edited.
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