aka Nicolay Bessonov

  • I live in Russia, Moscow
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is MUGENizing characters and Game Modding
  • I am Male
  • YochiThMaster333


    May 7, 2016 by YochiThMaster333

    I had to sorry, but I had to retire MUGEN because I'm so busy with GTA modding along with NFS modding.

    Goodbye, MUGEN. Sometimes I'll come back.

    My future WIPs (when I'm ready going back to MUGEN):

    Mario MvC1

    Luigi MvC1


    Sandslash (edit from Joey Faust's version)

    Hitmonchan (edit from Joey Faust's version)

    Clefable (edit from Joey Faust's version)

    My released things:

    Smash Bros Melee Project Demo v0.1 (download)

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  • YochiThMaster333

    Here's new releases of my new characters.

    Classic Amy Rose (Amy Rose in first appearance):

    Rosalina (Sorry for using Non-KFM template):

    Download 2

    Tanooki Peach:

    Classic Mario (Sorry for using Non-KFM template):

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  • YochiThMaster333

    I made SMB1 (SNES Version) Luigi! It uses N64Mario's Template as a base and edited SMB1 (SNES version) Luigi sprites

    Get him on Mediafire!


    Hammer Bro made by Pizzasause. Ask him, not me.

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