Hisui McDonald (Aka Stargazer Striker)
Artwork of Hisui


Kishio "Real Creator" (Edit By Me)
PineappleProducer "Evil Donald" (Evil Hisui Donald)

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Newest version



McDonald (Ronald McDonald)
Tsukihime/Melty Blood (Hisui)

 A Cheap Edit By Me. He Performed To Hisui Of Melty Blood. This Characters Have Easy Commands And Some Joke Hamva-Ga-Da (Like Odie Burger)

Side Story In Most Wanted.

Hisui Just Join To MUGEN And Aiso. Her Just Simultation With RMHC Group. And Later After Training. She Just Back To Home. Haruhi Suzumiya Just Drag Hisui Crovette Car To Center Ground And Then Mikuru Asahina Just Drive Huge Tank And Smash Hisui Corvette Z06. After Hisui Does Have Car To Drive She Starting Tuning Her Body. Yumi McDonald Just Arrive To Hisui House And Give Ronald McDonald Suit For Hisui. She Starting To Revenge SOS Brigade.

Note : Hisui Just Crying After Her Car Just Totaled.

Commands Move

Odie Four Humbaga QCF '(C)Button-c' (Throws 4 Odie Running,When Hisui In Providence McDonald She Throws Lot Of Odie)

Stargazer Shot 'QCF QCF (A)Button-a or QCF (Y)Button-y+(A)Button-a (When Hisui In Providence McDonald. Her Range Is Very Long)

Shun Hisui Satsu - (Cannot Active By Player) Low Health Only.

Evil Hisui

Does Like Evil Yumi Version. This Version Is Change Some Picture When Use Gimpse of Fear. And Odie Burger Are Still Here.

Note : Hisui.exe Mode Will Be Appears When Another Donald Is In 12th Palletes.

Note 2 : Some Quotes In My Wallpaper Just Same With Sonic.exe In Mugen (I Am God !) 

Note 3 : Hisui.exe Is Not Become Form Creepypasta. She Just Awake In Some Grave. Her Eye Just Like Evil. She Is Main Character Of Most Wanted Mugen 1.0 .

-She Is First Upgrade Version. This Version Edit Form PineappleProducer Evil Donald

Commands Move

Odie Humbaga - QCB (B)Button-b '(Throws 1*/3*/5*Hamburgers)

Century Of Melty -  'QCF QCF (B)Button-b or QCF (A)Button-a+(B)Button-b ' ('Impure And Hisui.exe Only)

Don't Cry. Hisui Here -  '(S)Button-s (only usable while Hisui.exe)

Kiss Me I'm Irish.'' - ''QCBQCB(C)Button-c (only usable while Hisui.exe)

Bonus For Evil Hisui Berserk And Evil Hisui.exe In Duck Hunt Bonus Game

Beserk - Can Use Beserk Taunt To Kill All Duck

Hisui.exe - Can Use Melty Laser Strike All Duck

Availble Now In Ronald McDonald And Find Evil Hisui McDonald.