• Xfrixtando the submarine general

    I'm designing a new character for M.U.G.E.N , Regirock, his moves are following:

    • Attacks
      • Long Punch (Long range punch)
      • Long Kick (Long range kick)
      • Spinning Arm (Spins arm, dealing damage))
      • Power Gem (Charge and shoots a gem projectile)
      • Collapse (Break Apart)
      • Hammer Arm (Smashes the ground, creates shockwaves)
      • Rock Throw (Throw an exploding rock)
      • Stone Edge (Summons a sharp rock)
      • Charge (Charges using head)
      • Tremor (Stamps feet and causes tremor, can be used in air)
    • Specials:
      • Giga Quake (Smashes Ground and create shockwave)
    • Hypers:
      • Raging Earth (Summons pilars from earth)
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