Hey, guys!

I released my new version of Mr. Bean at the New Year's Eve.

I will decide to make a new character but, I can't decide to choose the character I will make.


- If you going to make a request for me, please don't request. This is a vote list.

- No haters allowed!!!

- No negative feedback (Agree with Iran)

Choose the character I will make next:

Voting Score (Closed!):

  • Rocko V2: 4
  • Rigby V5: 7
  • Primpall: 6
  • Noid: 5
  • Luke Skywalker: 10 (WINNER!!!)
  • Elvis Presley: 4
  • Count Duckula: 6
  • DangerMouse: 2
  • Animated Mr. Bean: 4

The victor on the voting list

The voting's over now and the winner is.....

Please leave your comment and thank you.

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