Since I could finish Luke Skywalker, I could make my updates list for my characters.

Zim - Tried to fix RM007returns's feedback and removing the Dib striker.

Harry Potter - Fixing the commands and replacing Draco Malfoy into Hermoine Granger for his striker.

Stimpy - Fix some bugs, replacing the Kung Fu Palm into Powdred Toast Throw (Inspired by ), replacing Triple Kung Fu Palm and Triple Wharf Attacks into the new two hypers including, Ultimate Wharf and Fire Dog (Inspired by ) and make it less of a KFM spriteswap.

Ren Hoek - Fix some bugs, replacing the hyper, Ren's Ornery Face Of Disapproval Whilst Wearing Girl Scout Attire into Cadet Hoek and replacing the Stimpy Bomb into Water Balloon Throw.

Me - If fixing myself, I can ask him that I can share and fix his edit.

Rocko - Fix the Spunky striker, replacing the Ed Bighead striker into Really Really Big Man and shade the sprites.

Blue Aardvark - Fix some bugs, shading some sprites and removing the power charge.

Mr. Bean - Fixing some bugs for TheSlkmugen's feedback.

Rigby - Same as Mr. Bean.

If you had problems for my characters, I could accept your feedback.

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