Hey, M.U.G.E.N fans!

I've heard when they just want me to update Mr. Bean and so, I decide to make him much better. As for this Shun Goku Satsu move, it wouldn't fit him but, I'll should remove the SGS move. The dark green changed into the black outline and the sprites were even polished while I'll be finish polishing his sprites.

I suppose, my sprite would look better than my old version:

Mr bean v2 stand

New Hypers would be:

  1. Mr. Boombastic Combo (For replacing "Triple Alleluyah Palm" move)
  2. Calling all chickens (The chickens were inspired from the "Mr. Bean's Holiday" movie) (For replacing the "Gun Blaster" move)
  3. Sleepy Puncher Blaster plus the Mini (just like Taz's hyper move) (For replacing the "Mini lobe" move)

New Helpers would be:

  1. Bully in the Launderette (Sprites by BeanFan112) (from the episode "Tee Off, Mr. Bean")
  2. The magician (from the episode "Mr. Bean Goes to Town")
  3. The blue lorry (just like Taz's helper)

New Guests would be:

  1. Teddy
  2. Pee-wee Herman (for replacing his intro of Animated Mr. Bean)
  3. Saxophone guy (from the episode "The Return of Mr. Bean") (For replacing the Boombastic win pose)

So, does anyone wants to draw the sprites of the magician and the Saxophone guy? Because, it was so hard for drawing the magician and the Saxophone guy.

I would do Animated Mr. Bean/or some of my future W.I.P character next.

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