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  • Wlan2015

    Hello, M.U.G.ENites!

    Danger Mouse has being released as his beta state for this Easter!


    What things I am going to add for his full version:

    • More compatibles
    • Air throw
    • One special and hyper
    • Full A.I
    • Hyper Win Texts
    • Callouts

    Download Link:

    Download him!

    If you test him, please send a feedback I will fix.

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  • Wlan2015

    DDR Is Back!

    March 28, 2015 by Wlan2015

    As Professor Farnsworth would say, Good news, everyone!

    I heard DDR (Also known as Derrick D. Rowell) is releasing Kong Kong Phooey and Inspector Gadget on Google Mail, Have a read!:

    I watched the Kickstarter project of HKP because it was failed. But now, he tried again to release him for this year.

    That makes me happy because of him being back releasing his characters, aren't you, M.U.G.E.N fans?

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