It's time for another....YOU DECIDE!!!! (Yay!!) This You Decide is a very important one, because we as the NvC team must know whether to make these changes come true or reject them! So please, gather round!


Extra News!

This update is a super important one; we will be discussing major changes we are adding into NvC as a whole, and we hope you enjoy these.

Two Ways to Play Nintendo vs. Capcom

There will be TWO versions of Nintendo vs. Capcom; Casual, and Competative! Casual is as it seems, you unlock features, such as characters, stages, extras, and if we can manage it, A STORY MODE!!! (opps, did I just leak that :P) Competative mode will have everything unlocked from the get go, with limited features such as Multiplayer, Arcade, and ONLINE!! We are not sure which version will come first, but we can confirm that there will be two versions. I hope you have a blast wih both of them! (Yes, Competative NvC will be run with IKEMEN, so make sure you have these features!)

Gameplay Mechanics That'll Rock Your Mind!

In Nintendo vs. Capcom, we want to make the game as Marvel vs. Capcom 2 as possible, but also give it some originallity. So today, allow me to share some awesome changes we plan to include!!

Second Chances for Heavys

All heavy and tall characters are usually the ones who end up being the easyest to combo on, but not this time around! EVERY heavyweight with a tall frame rate (such as Bowser, M Bison, Charizard, and Zangief) will have super armor on their first hit frame, although this does not make you invincible, this is a way to counter an upcoming combo! So take this to your advantage!

Good or Evil? You Choose Your Path...

Ryu is an amazing character, alright? Well for you Ryu fans, we've got something unique, Evil Ryu! No, it is not a character, but rather a option! Evil Ryu can be activated throughout the fight with the hyper meter, and whether you choose Evil, you gain strength, but take hits like crazy. As Evil Ryu, you can use the Raging Demon, which can only be used once. How do you switch back? Using your Super Hadoukyn, but this time, something strange happens... THE POWER OF NOTHINGNESS!!! You unleash this power to gain your old self back, but unleashing this has incredable power, mash all the buttons for even more power! Talk is cheap, so make your choice... Good or Evil? Or why not both?

Copying as Kirby

Kirby will copy attacks with ease, swallow up a foe to unleash...a cute hat! Every character will give Kirby a diffrent power, so Kirby fans, be prepared for an awesome learn curve!

Character Announcements!

Two powerful forces awaken! How will you control such amazing power? 

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