Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers First Look!
Today marks for something special! Here is the couple that everyone question, "how do they both fight at the same time?! Well...

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Young United (Get it? Huh? Huh?)

Scott Pilgrim is always seen as a lazy yet energetic guy, and honestly, that isn't wrong. But after being with Ramona (and got married to her as well), Scott learned how to be more responsable, and later enters this tournament to help Ramona and himself for... a special reason... (and to be awesome) Anyways, Scott is the fighter, and Ramona is the supporter. Scott is the dude you'll see a lot, and no, you don't play as Ramona. Because...a special reason...

Scott however borrows certain things from his orgins and even his buddys, such as a rocking guitar that can stun his opponents, (Borrowed from his brother) his two swords from the graphic novel, and even... Ramona's purse?! (Umm...weird...) So you may be wondering, when does Ramona come around? Well, she has a major role in most of Scott's super attacks! (Which I cannot say for now, cause reasons).  Also, if you didn't notice, Scott and Ramona's sprites are taken from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Video Game. (credit to the people who created it, super fun and awesome!) I hope you look forward to these two take on the YU Crew, villains, and  kick some butt!

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