For those thinking I'd be doing a Nintendo vs. Capcom talk today, well...I'm not. It's about me mostly. So I noticed a lot of folks have talked a lot about me in many ways, but I'll be honest with you all; I ain't doing ok at all. Recently, I've been under major sadness/emotional issues that I've been trying to overcome, and I just feel like I am generally unimportant to people in general and that I'm just...there in open air to be fully honest. Nothing against anyone, but my work and efforts put towards many of my projects thus far seem very unappreciated and nothing special, and that to others, I'm just wasting my life on it and that I'm absorbing a lot of energy out of my partner Jenngra as well. I just wanted to let you all know that Jenngra is a very valued member for NvC and that I feel like anything I do seems meaningless and wasting my life on something that will never seemingly get anywhere. I also feel like I put down a lot of people for some reason, and if I disappoint you in anyway or you don't like me because of something, I deeply apologize. At the very moment, everything seems very gloomy. Recently, I had some really bad things happen to me, and so I suppose I should let you all in on what was up. Deep down, I know you are all really awesome, and to those who support NvC or anything I do, thank you all very much. I know it isn't much, but I guess I don't have much to stand out. Anyways, have a good day, and I'm sorry for the depressing note.

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