Hi everyone, this is a big list of stuff that still needs to be done in Nintendo vs. CAPCOM before it's final release! After this, the team is done!

Stuff to do!

  • AI for certain characters (Goku, M Bison, Cpt. Commando, exc.)
  • Convert controls
  • balance Ness to the MvC2 format (Doing by LenMaster88)
  • Add Pokemon Trainers to Pokemon
  • Add Mewtwo and Segeta 
  • balance projectiles (this is a major one)
  • buff up Kirby (Jen and I are doing this)
  • Mega Man (not 100% sure which Mega Man to use, Darks or MvC2)
  • glitch fixing
  • fixing up Yoshi
  • Boss character adjustments
  • roster adjustments

and speaking of bosses

Boss characters by the view

MasterHand SSB4

Master Hand



Rayquaza ORAS



Yellow Devil




Giygas is the final boss

And more to be (probably), anyways, these bosses are your key to testing your skill! Each boss with their own unique ability! Can you beat them and save the world from Giygas's return? Let's hope!

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