Ok, so before we get started, here are some pictures of the characters sprites, Springtrap and Thomas (The Sapphire Prince)

First Looks! ...Again For Some of You

Springtrap First Look

Springtrap's First Look.

The Sapphire Prince First Look!

Thomas (The Sapphire Prince)

Alrighty! Well, you've seen Springtrap, but Thomas you haven't. (well most of you anyway) In this game, Thomas is a water element fighter who excels in speed and quick critical strikes. Thomas also has a sword that gives him far reach, with grabs AND strikes. Although, his sword is fast, but doesn't deal as much damage as his other attacks, but it's good for combos!




I don't have a pic of him, but remember the old ClayFighter project of mine? Welp, WILSON A. TAFFY is making a return!!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for NvC news!!

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