I'm taking a break from posting abut NvC for a little, but for now, I'll post the TOP 10 WORST THINGS ON WIKIA!!!

10- Trollers that have multiple accounts.

9- People being a bunch of bullies to newbies, gezz!

8-  It's SO hard becoming an Admin/ Chat Mod!!!


6- When the WHOLE Wiki is filled with trolls

5- When people hate on you for protecting another user.

4- Whenever you get pissed at reality that you rage out on the chat room.

3- When Admins don't show ANY respect to visitors/ regular users

2- The new settings for editing suck, stick to source.

1- When you get banned from a Wiki for NO reason 

I'll be honest, #1 happened to me, I got banned for a YEAR from a Wiki for no reason, but honestly, there's no reason to worry, that wiki sucked. Plus, don't go to places like that, lol

Have these things ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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