What the heck is "The Subspace Syndicate"? Well.... It's the story mode for Causal Nintendo vs. Capcom! However, I'm still developing the story as I type this! (owait, no I'm not...*looks at my notebooks*) Well anyways, the story is in development, and I thought it would be fun for folks here on the wiki and whomever elsewhwhere to participate in a contest! You see, we are needing a logo for NvC's Story Mode, and what better way to do it than through a contest?

Subspace Emissary Logo

Here's an example

The goal of the contest is to make a logo, and we are looking for something like this, and since we are hosting a contest for this, I'll provide certain material bellow! If you do it, have fun!


1. The logo MUST have "The Subspace Syndicate"

2. Must have the Nintendo vs. Capcom, and must be edited in a unique way, be creative!

(Windindi)Nintendo vs Capcom CoL Official Logo

Have fun!

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