Well, I have hid this from followers for a LONG time, and because the game's release date is closer, I wish to reveal something rather special! This, is the story of Nintendo vs. CAPCOM (No, this isn't fake. No this isn't a personal life story. And yes, it's another blog by me, and you rejoiced (*Monty Python Refrence* yaaaaaay...))

Story to Nintendo vs. CAPCOM (Windindi Style)

Remember Abyss from Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2? No, BECAUSE YOU PLAYED MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3?! (shame on you, jk) Well guess what? (spoiler alert) In the ending scene from Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2, Ruby Heart threw Abyss's core into the ocean, but Abyss was reawakened 14 years later (15 would be to lame, also, it'd be 2016, silly me) by a known super power, Master Hand. They then make a bro fist deal that'll destroy both universes if nothing stops them, but like any other lame supernatural crossover, a hero finds out, but there's a twist, and you rejoiced. (*Monty Python Refrence* yaaaaaay...)

Anyway, the person in question is Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy), but she was captured by the evil force, but her message reached Princess Peach just in time, but moments after Rosalina's capture, both universes started to collide! Thus giving us the main story! Also, in game, you will discover why each character is on their quest! Sweet huh? Rejoice! (*Monty Python Refrence* yaaaaaay...) Also, in game; for fun, you will get trading cards!


Yes, trading cards. You know how Super Smash Bros. has trophys? Well in Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, you'll recieve trading cards of characters, stages, and even hypers! They won't be in game, but rather in a file in the main MUGEN file, and when you go there, you'll see the collection of trading cards! You'll only get starter character trading cards and others at first, but later on, I'll add a patch for unlockable trading cards, so yeah, have fun collecting! As usual, you can print these and share them with friends and stuff, so no big suprise. And if you have trouble reading, never fear, because I will also type out each character's description in bigger text on a seperate sheet (Microsoft Office Word Doc. more than likely.) The cards as a whole will give you 3 basic history and tip notices!

Ex of Card:


Name: Mario (1*)

  • there will be 3 for each character, 1 is regular, 2 is spriteswap, and 3 is a hyper

(Picture here)

First Appearance: Donkey Kong - 1981 (Name of Game and Year/Date released)

Fun Facts: 

  • Can jump 6 feet
  • Requires Powerups for Adventures



Bio: (Blahblahblah)

You get it? I hope so! I'll show off some cards in the future, but for now, just maintain hype. And as always, feel free to ask questions!

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