In a world where two universes, it's not very easy to survive when the villains are out for your dead body. However, it's never harmful to be on a selective team! Ladies and Mugenmen, may I introduce you to the teams that you will side with to save the universe from devastation!

Team Destiny With the destruction of all living things and mold, King Dedede had to resort to desperate measures to ensure his survival, where he came across the pirate Ruby Heart as well as companion Sonson and stranger of Onett, Ness. Together, the four go out in search of any survivors out at sea. Any survivors? You'll have to play!
Team Pyros Overwhelmed with enemies, Roy was forced to team up with Lyndis who helps him to safety. Along the way, they both runs into Little Mac and Doc Louis who are lost in a sea of desert. Lost and confused, the team set off to find the true enemy behind these random attacks! Also, they run into Zangief who demands a challenge! How will that go?
Team Alpha Thrown out of the kingdoms by Bowser and Ganon, Link and Mario are left with nothing, until the traveling warrior Ryu comes to their aid. Out of sight, Strider Hiryu mistakes Link as one of the evil warriors out for him. Attacking Link, the two not only fight, but settle their differences. Who DID attack Strider? And will the kingdoms be saved?
Team Striker Meta Knight refused to align with the Syndicate, and as a result, paid the price of an embarrassing defeat and must comply with their wishes. As a result, he kidnaps Ciel which attracts Zero to go rescue her. After Zero finally manages to catch up, he teams up with Dante and Marth to take down Meta Knight. But things are not what they seem...
Team Venture Lost and dying, Duck Hunt's lucky dog was rescued by Roll, who was kidnapped by a mysterious black figure. The dog was dumbstruck with sadness, and lucky ran into Ash and Pikachu whom saw the dog's sadness and helped it calm down. However, Dan Hibiki comes along and is in search of a Syndicate spy, which ends up mistakenly being Luigi!!
Team Mila With the world in ruins, there's no better place than space, and with Samus, there's always space. Too bad it's too close for comfort! Sending a distress call, Mega Man picks up but is ambushed by Sonic The Hedgehog! Now why would he do this? Also, it seems as Red and Charizard are having issues with...mind controlled Pokemon! What IS this?!

Which team are YOU gonna play first?!

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