Yep, Nintendo vs. Capcom is being delayed, which REALLY sucks, we have reasons why, but during this period of time, we can look over some things, but we still are going to launch the game during our expected launch, which is late July-all of August, if you wanted to know why it is being delayed, here's why:

Why NvC is delayed...

  1. One of our former members of the team (LenMaster88) was caught under the hood for lying about his age, which lead him to being ban, which really sucks, because now, we have less people to work on NvC.
  2. Mewtwo. Yep, Mewtwo. Endercrepper has had issues with Mewtwo lately, but as soon as we can get these issues fixed, we will add him and quickly get things on track again. Don't worry, as soon as he's sent to the NvC team, we'll look him over and publicly release him for public download!
  3. At the moment, NvC has been a HUGE project, but overall, there's been good points and bad points. Anyways, we are trying to tackle the bad and release this game!

We need your support!

Yes, this is pretty important, please spread the word for this game, while it's non profit, it's still valuble to us as a team, and we wish for everyone to know about this game, and if you can, please, tell your friends and peps about this game, it'd help a lot!

PAC-MAN help!

Question for everyone at home, whould you rather have PAC-MAN be Street Fighter X Tekken style or SSB4 style in terms of a moveset?

Fighter Announcement Trailer!

Yeah, I decided to do some a fun blog trailer, come check it out! Prepare for HYPE!

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