I told y'all I'd do it, and here I go!

(I don't have an order, so here!)

Roll had a crush on Bass

True fact! In MegaMan: Battle and Chase, Roll developed a relationship for Bass, but Bass used this as a way to attack MegaMan, resulting in a sad resolution for Roll.

Like I said, quite the villain.

Roll wasn't going to be in MvC2

Unthinkable, right?! Well, even though she is hated by the mainstream hardcore MvC2 players, she was originally going to be just apart of MegaMan's victory pose, giving him a kiss. This can still be found in the game, though she gives him flowers instead.

Roll almost died, TWICE.

In the events of Mega Man 10 and even the events of Ra-Moon! Yikes!

Roll is...A MOTHER?!

Remember how Spiderman has a baby coming up back in Marvel Super Heroes? Well because this is an alternative universe, (In Marvel vs CAPCOM )seems as Roll has a baby too! O____O But is she under aged?! And what's worse? It's with MEGAMAN himself.

More to come later!

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