10-3-2014 Screen 1

It's official! Goku will be in fact in Nintendo vs CAPCOM!

I know, I know, I said it was the FINAL roster and nothing else will be added... WELL... I decided to add Goku because of space! The roster is now at 47 characters! And JUST to be awesome, there MAY be more in store for you all! Goku will be in the demo coming up in a few! In fact, the demo will be coming out EXTREAMLY SOON! Though there is two issues... One, I need to fix a few errors, and secondly, HOW DO YOU PUBLISH A DEMO ON MUGEN?! It really needs to be answered, if someone can tell me how, I'd appreciate it! 

Why Goku?!

Goku has been a HIGHLY requested character for a while now, and I decided for him to be in the game because of fan service.  Also, Goku will still maintain attacks from his original edit, except for increasing speed and power by a little. I hope you enjoy him! 

10-3-2014 Screen 2

Goku is observing his opponent...scary...

Also, English or Jappanese (for his voice)? Let me know!

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