Hello everyone, you probably know the whole NvC thing, right? Well the game is a NON PROFIT FAN MADE GAME, but the thing is; I am kinda in need of money. (not gonna lie) With Nintendo vs. Capcom, the game itself is free of charge, but in the upcoming future, there will be DLC characters joining the mix, and I bet your wondering how to get those. To recieve DLC, it will be offered through donations.

Donation Plan


Wario is greedy.

What you see in the picture is NOT what I'm going to do (by that, I mean keeping it all to myself), in fact, I'll let you in on the plans. So here's the idea:

Whenever you donate money to NvC DLC, however much money you give will also be the amount of DLC characters you'll recieve. So for example...

$1-$3 = 1 DLC character of your choice

$3-$5 = 2 DLC characters of your choice

and so on...

(final options are not fully decided)

Where's the money going??

The money (if I get any) will go to the upcoming EarthBound movie, for voice actors, animators, and other important things OTHER than myself doing the entire thing. It will also go to the Young United TV show as well, for the same reasons.


Anyways, if you have anything to say, leave it in the comments bellow! Donation stuff will be finalised soon. Anyway's, please keep this in mind!

REMINDER: If you don't have the money to donate or do not want to, please don't for your own sake. Also, this is all optional, you do NOT have to donate, this is all optional.

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