This is Part 2 of my update, You all were super mixed on the characters as well as play style, so allow me to explain.



Samus Aran



Let me explain, I KNOW this is Ax's Samus, but I am doing whatever I can to make it a better character and less glitchy. Even though she's not the best constructed character from her original creator, I am doing what I can to make her amazing. This also goes for Donkey Kong. Both Samus or DK will be in the upcoming demo

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim

There really isn't much to explain, even though this particular version comes from a clay-style modeled game, he will be best converted into 2-D as best as possible. Also, he will be getting new attacks as well as being buffed, in fact; he is the character with the most buffs. His regular speed runs very close to as it did in ClayFighter 63 1/3 and when I saw this, I quickly took action to make him faster, stronger, and right now, he will be getting a lot of buffs. Earthworm Jim will not feature in the upcoming demo due to progress.

Zero Suit Samus



She was a last minute resort, I added her because I wanted Samus to be apart of the demo, but alas, she will not be, but her counterpart, Zero Suit Samus will in fact be in the demo because she is a finished character. Originally, I wanted to try to connect the two, but it only caused more problems, so they will be separate, just like in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/ 3DS.

Regarding the controls

Just like in Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2, Most characters were 6 buttoned and very few (like Charlie) that were only 4 buttoned, in this project, this will be the case. A prime example of 4 buttoned character is Pikachu (at the moment), due to balancing. Controls for every character are being worked on.

Regarding "Boss Battle"

Boss Battle was made by accident, during development, I accidently added a 2nd "Arcade" mode, and then I got the idea to rename it and add special features to it, only allowing you to battle bosses. This of course will NOT be in the demo.

I apologize for all the clashing on the original post, and as a calm down, allow me to share something special.

Super Smash Bros Melee Music - All-Star Mode - (HD)01:04

Super Smash Bros Melee Music - All-Star Mode - (HD)

Beauty surrounds us, and life is precious! This will be apart of Survival Mode in NvC:CoL.

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