Look, I know it's Monday morning, but I tackled the day with HUGE news! That news? In an earlier post of mine, I confirmed Interplay's Earthworm Jim as well as Vocaloid's Miku Hatsune!! It's weird, but I like it! In Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, I will explain how they will be played!

Earthworm Jim

Woah Nelly! Earthworm Jim joins the fight! He may think he's a hot shot, but can he challenge some powerful foes? Let's find out!


Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim's animation comes from a forgotten but loved ClayFighter 63 1/3 and super rare and a pain in the butt game to find, Clayfighter: Sculpture's Cut. Jim's moveset is extremely balanced, but his lag is in his speed and jumps. In Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, Earthworm Jim will gain speed and weight so he can be more competitive and less laggy. So when the game comes out, prepare to eat cow!

Hatsune Miku

From the cost's of Japan, comes their amazing voiced Hatsune Miku! But can be a match for all stars??

YTMiku Palette1

Hatsune Miku

Miku is quite the crowd attracter, but can SHE be a fighter? Of course! She has a diverse moveset, but after a while, you'll get used to it! Her punches and kick's are decent, and her ability's are even better. Her voice is her best bet! Able to set objects on fire, freeze you, and even SHOCK you! Literally! Sadly, in Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, she will be nerfed so she isn't OP as well as be a fit in the cast. But don't worry! She will still pack a punch!

So, now that THAT's cleared, who would win?? The worm or the performer?

Earthworm Jim vs. Hatsune Miku

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