It's Saturday morning, and I thought a good Saturday should start out with some good things! Today I wanted to share that I MAY not be making updates for a week because of a possible event happening with my sister and I. If it doesn't happen though, expect he to blog and update on Monday.

Remember I said "GOOD" things, well here we go! Other news that I share with you all today is that I will give you some imput on my characters!


Let's take Mario! in M.U.G.E.N., he's quite a beast! But just like everyone else, he's going to be balanced!

Mario, as you know him

This Mario is from the infamous "ShinRyoga & Neo Ankh's Super Mario" edit to M.U.G.E.N. His moveset will remain the same, except the fact that he is going to be less brutal with his AI. Another interesting fact is that Mario is considered an all round character, and for this game, I will be trying to do just that!

Mega Man


Mega Man

With Mega Man, He will be buffed up so that he has more opportunity for awesome combat combos and great projectile diversity! If you ever played M.U.G.E.N. project Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem, then you will know exactly how he will play!




This is the one I get a LOT of questions about, and YES, he IS super powerful, but to make up with that, he will have lower stamina.

Pikachu's Original stats


  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 110
  • Defence: 80

Pikachu's Nintendo vs. CAPCOM stats


  • Life: 800
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 130
  • Defence: 60

And one more!




In Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2, she was strongly disliked by competitive players, and also by people who hate trolls. In Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, she is getting a HUGE buff along with Mega Man, she will have new attacks, and brand new specials! Time to "Rock and Roll!" (Spare me with my cheesy humor...)

Well that's it for today! I hope to see ya'll around soon!

OH! I almost forgot!! On my profile picture, it shows Heather from Total Drama. The reason why is because that's her in my upcoming YouTube series Young United!!!

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