Last blog I did showed off some cool stuff, but I totally forgot to include any stage news! Opps! Anyways, here's a couple of stages for you all!



ElfKitty Magicant

Magicant from Mother and EarthBound!

This is a stage currently in development and will be made public! Also, this stage will have the theme straight out of Smash Bros. 4! Don't remember the melody? Here it is!

Magicant Eight Melodies (Mother) - Super Smash Bros04:16

Magicant Eight Melodies (Mother) - Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Stages!

Sorry for no pictures, but there will be stages hailing from the MvC2 series, such as Glacier River (with a twist!), the Desert, and even Ruby Heart's ship!

Space Cadets

This stage is a comic store in my home area, and thanks to their help with NvC, they will have a stage exclusively in NvC! Again, sorry for no pictures yet.

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