Hello everyone! How's the final demo? Well, other than certain projectiles, I have heard good things! And I'm also happy to report that everything's on schedule! I'll make a list of things that are gonna need to be done later, but I still am happy to say that everythings going smoothly. I'll talk more about the NvC stuff later, because...

EarthBound's a MOVIE!!!

Kids Saying Yay! Sound Effect00:09

Kids Saying Yay! Sound Effect

You heard me correctly! After the events of Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, I will be working on a movie! For EarthBound!

What is EarthBound? You've gotta be kidding!!

Allow me to show you!

Speechless? I'm sorry! Anyways, I will be working on an EarthBound movie, following the direct plot of the Mother 2 game. If you'd like to help, your more than welcome to! Also, it's a non profit fan made film basically, but still, I'm going to do it! Any questions? Post 'em! Anyways, amile, and say, "FUZZY PICKLES!!" 

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