Remember a long time ago, I told you all that EarthBound would be getting a lot of love out of the upcoming Nintendo vs. Capcom game? Well, I think it's about time I present to you what I mean.

A long time back, this stage was...well anyways, here's the new look. Like it? We took a template of another stage known as "Infinite Air", so major kudos to that stage! (If you haven't seen it, it's amazing for anyone who likes original stages!) But we basically took that stage and ripped it off made it so that it fits the EarthBound level of awesomeness! So that you know, this is not the finished product (the stage I mean), and honestly, neither is Ness himself. Which is why I'm happy to announce not ONLY Magicant, but also...

I'll be working alongside others to make a whole new spritesheet for Ness as well. His art style will look very similar to this:

Windindi NessthatlookslikeNinten Artstyle

This is Ninten, I know, but this is the style for Ness we are aiming at.

Speaking of Ninten, there's something I wish to ask of you all today with a poll.

Which EarthBound character would you like to see in NvC besides Ness? (If we DO include one that is.)

The poll was created at 14:09 on June 1, 2016, and so far 14 people voted.

Have a Fuzzy Pickles day!

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