MBison vs Mewtwo

My M Bison vs Mewtwo Poster

I was incredibly busy at making these posters, and I hope you like it! 
NvC Blanka vs Pikachu
NvC Samus vs MegaMan
Although something DID catch my mind, it was in one of Endercreeper's most recent post's, "Hey Endercreeper, can you make the Mewtwo char 2-D instead of 3-D, I like it and all, but I would MUCH perfer him 2-D. If your curious about what sprites to use, I saw WIndindi's M Bison vs Mewtwo poster, and maybe you should build the 2-D sprites after that! IDK, just a sugestion, if you can, PLEASE do that!"  Actually, I TOTALLY agree with this users request, PLEASE DO THAT!! I would SO use that! Speaking of Endercreeper, I am saddened due to him canceling MUGEN Kombat... But he'll have really cool stuff coming up, I'm sure! But if you can read this Endercreeper, PLEASE do the Mewtwo 2-D transition, I would SO use that! To be honest, I really dislike Mewtwo's 3-D model, but if you could transition him to a new 2-D styled fighter, (with the same attacks, I'm sure) I'd LOVE that! But if not I totaly understand. Anyway, shout out to you... so what else...? 

Oh yes! There was quite a lot of comments on my "Poster Post", and I saw the majority (including Endercreeper himself) liked it, so thanks! I guess that's all for now, but feel free to comment below and I will respond as soon as I can!

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