Roy as many Boys :P

If you couldn't guess, this is Roy. And of course will be making a grand entrance as a fully fleshed fighter in Nintendo vs. Capcom! Roy is known to be a second to Marth in terms of polularity alongside Ike, Robin, Lucina, Lyndis (Who is also appearing, and is/can be Roy's mom!), Chrom, and of course Corrin.

Roy replaces his own father to go out and seeks peace to the opposing sides of whomever dare attack his homeland as well as protecting those he has promised his life to, such as the beautiful and young teen Lilina. (Whom to the fanbase is the best love intrest for Roy, as clearly shown in game). But enough about how awesome he is...LET'S GO INTO WHAT HE CAN DO!!!!

The Sword of Seals 

Windindi Sword of Seals (FE)
In Fire Emblem, this sword is probably the most powerful weapon any warrior has ever possesed! Even MORE powerful than the Legendary Weapons of Elibe!! Strange that a teenager of all things carries this burden... Anyways, Roy in NvC makes great use of this unique weapon, as it and Roy work side by side to make amazing melee encounters with those unfourtinate enough to be caught in the assault. Despite their skills, Roy is very dependant on getting in close, and any character with long range attacks can severly hurt Roy of given the chance.  With Roy, it's all about gettinjg in close and making sure you put in a good rushdown for your opponents.

In Smash Bros, Roy can do an attack called Flare Blade. This attack is a OHKO attack that leaves Roy totally in place and open. Although in NvC, we took a twist of this...

Windindi 640px-Roy Screen-7


 This is how it functions in SSB4, but in NvC, you can charge it...and still move around! WHAAAA... YEP! We are totally breaking the mold, I know, but hold your horses now! In NvC, this attack takes a bit longer to fully charge, and when ready to unleash it, this will bring uber destruction to whomever is caught, delievering a shocking 50% of the enimies life bar! Despite this, he will have recoil damage of 15% of Roy's lifebar. Have fun abliterating foes in Nintendo vs Capcom once he is playable!

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