As I mentioned before, I'm pretty sure a tier list is gonna come to order sonner or later, so as of today, I will reveal the demo's tier list (From what I see so far).


1. Red & Pikachu- due to assistment and power

2. Yugi and DMG- due to assistment and power


3. Sakura- Combo abilities are amazing

4. Ryu- Can make blow after blow

5. Mario- Amazing combo abilities

6. MegaMan- Projectile mass is unbearable

7. Link- Bombs that hit have knockback as well as god-like sword ledging

8. Tron Bonne- Drill spamming makes it hard to attack back

9. Meta Knight- Amazing combo abilities and jumps


10. Sonic- Speedy but has low stamina

11. Z.S. Samus- Attacks tend to have small power, but good comboing

12. Cpt. Commando- Attacks are powerful, but speed is poor

13. Bowser- Easy target, but overtakes that with power and a little bit of speed


14. Viewtiful Joe- Terrible, attacks are weak as well as stamina, I'm working on it.

There you have it!

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