Hello Mugenites! Windindi speaking on behalf of Nintendo vs. Capcom, a project going on since 2014. I must say that even though this project has gone through some harsh turns, please bare with us as we are trying to release the next beta, so while you wait, I'll fill you up with what's up.

NvC Beta 1.2

We've been trying to get several things done, in particular, new attacks/sprites! Here are the characters we are releasing alongside the beta!


Luigi 3d render by ratchetmario-d5tnhiu

Luigi will be included in the future update! We've been trying to create new sprites for new attacks, but we are pretty stuck, and we may end up releasing him as is for now, and focus on adding it later. We are still debating this, though.


We are adding a super to Roll, as well as making her a far more viable character overall! We hope you enjoy the overall changes.


Ness SSB4
Just like Roll, we are working at making Ness a great character to play as, and we will release him into the beta asap if we can.


Blanka SfxT


At the moment, Blanka is probably our MOST complete fighter of the ones we are announcing. Blanka is not like your normal fighter, he's got some awesome tricks up his sleve, so beware!

Red and Pikachu

Red and Yellow

These two!

I have promised these two for a long time now, but Red and Yellow will be in NvC, but Red will come first. Right now, we need to do a bit of work on him before the team makes it into the game.

Thanks for understanding! See you soon!

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