My suprising weekend!

I went to a Smash Bros tournament, NOT EXPECTING THIS!! I was incredibly hyped to see that NvC was being played in a tournament! There were about 18 or 20 people playing, and I entered last second as "The Creator". At the end (yes, I won it); I revealed to be the literal maker of NvC! They were VERY scared at first, but of course, I got them to calm down; and I was connecting to each of them as a friend. I was asked a LOT of questions, and I gave MANY answers, but overall, this inspires me a LOT, so thank you for liking this game and playing as a serious hard core game! 

Also, they have a tier list for the game already! And honestly, it's funny how it's formated! So let me show you all!

Tier List:


1. Mega Man

2. Charizard


3. Ruby Heart

4. Ryu

5. Mario

6. Fox

7. Young Link

8. Link

9. Morrigan


10. Amingo

In responce to GazpachoMasterX

Regarding music, there will be a soundtrack I'll release alongside demos, and also seperately. Same thing with the upcoming trading cards for fighters.

Speaking of, here's the theme to Nintendo vs. Capcom:

"A Warrior Returns" (epic, adventure, orchestra)04:09

"A Warrior Returns" (epic, adventure, orchestra)

Sometime soon, I'll have something wonderous to reveal! Until then though, have a wonderful day!

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