Well, last blog I made, I gave thanks to a special user, BrawlTheMan for doing playthroughs and helping me out with some good ol' sugestions, but this time around, I'm gonna need your help! WHy? Because, I'm NOT asking you for charcters, but rather stages and music! So if you have any suggestions at all, let me know in the comments below!

Music Note
Music Note 2
Music Note 3

Also, I keep promising something rather big, and I need to fulfill it, and I feel a bit ashamed I haven't done it yet, what promise? Having Red and Yellow in Nintendo vs. CAPCOM. What sucks is that I STILL havent got to this part yet, and it's really a shame, because I'm always busy fixing errors and stuff. But because this is a discusion, allow me to expand onto something great!

Yellow Sprite


Yep! That's the plan! Also, I bet you can't guess who the mystery fighter is! lol

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