Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a LONG time, and now, it's time to announce something special:

Nintendo vs. Capcom is to be relased THIS MONTH (August)

That's right! You heard right, Nintendo vs. Capcom's development is coming to a close soon, and there's only a few things to do now! Anyways, thank for sticking around for an awesome release, and I hope the hype is real, cause there's something you all are rewarded, due to HIGH requests...


SF 25th Anniversary - Guile Theme Epic Rock Cover04:11

SF 25th Anniversary - Guile Theme Epic Rock Cover

That's right! The awesome music, and the USA solder himself makes an appearance in Nintendo vs. CAPCOM!! AS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!! WHOOO!!! YEAH!!!

And While I'm at it...

Poke Floats ANIME VERSION-002:19


First Hint

F-Zero GX OST - Feel Our Pain (Fire Field)03:00

F-Zero GX OST - Feel Our Pain (Fire Field)

Second hint

Pokespe red yellow by kirlia02-d3ii0en

What's this all mean? Find out soon ;)

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