Yes folks, the final demo is coming ASAP through MediaFire! As a matter of fact, this demo is the last you'll see of Nintendo vs. CAPCOM demos, so that means you'll have to wait till the final release to play the whole game. Also, according to the charts, Demo .22 has a total of 369 downloads!! Oh yeah, and demo .5? 568!! Giving this 937 TOTAL DOWNLOADS!!! This just proves that I have been getting a ton of support from fans all around! Thank you all for downloading, and I hope you enjoy the newest version of Nintendo vs. CAPCOM!

Nintendo vs. CAPCOM: Demo

  • 48 characters to choose from! Wow!
  • Brand bew stages!
  • Complete makeover!
  • New enjoyable music!
  • Multiplayer fun!
  • Exciting nostalgia!
  • Now more like a MvC style game! (As close as I could get to it!)

Also, time for a special announcement!


Goku can now become the one and only SUPER SAIYAN!! However, he will be a DLC character promoting to the new Dragon Ball Z film coming out this summer! Just like the game! Future updates on how to get this exclusive character will be explained later.

Balthazar & Cybaster's SSJ Goku Pal Hikari-BudokaiTenkaichi3


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the brand new demo!

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