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BLANKA! YAY! I LOVE Blanka! And you should too! If you are a Blanka fan, this is the blog for you! In Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, I started playing as him, and I decided to do a strategy guide for him because I found a LOT of cool tricks! Wothout furtherado, here is BLANKA! RAR!!

Blanka in NvC

Blanka is a quick heavy hitter, which is a good way to start off! Also, his electricity is a great way to stall other players and even CPU's! Blanka is also good in terms of ground combos, so use those to an advantage!

Against Zangief

If your opponent is Zangief, and you know how to use this mean green machine, you'll beat him in no time! Remember to use as much electricity as possible!

Against Petey 

Petey is also very easy to beat of you have Blanka, with Petey, make sure to lift him into the air and electrify him!

Overall, Blanka is good against heavy and slow characters, including Bowser, M. Bison, and Amingo. 

Against Sonic

Sonic is a pain in the butt for Blanka players, but with the right kind of thinking, you can easly beat him. It's best to grapple him and corner Sonic as much as possible!

Against Lucario

Blanka usually doesn't match well to Lucario, but with the right combonation, you can do it! Always be at least a tad away so you can do long reaches, that always helps.

Against Pikachu

Despite what DEATH BATTLE says, Pikachu's speed and size is hard for Blanka to hit, whenever Pikachu zooms right to you, take advantage of this and then pull off some crazy combos!

Against Ryu

As long as you have nice range and can block projectiles, you'll be ok!

Against Link

Possibly Blanka's WORST matchup, sadly. Unless Link does something stupid, you are going to have a hard time beating him.

I hope this guide helps you! Suggest other characters, because I'm doing the revealing, right?! 

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