Today's a special day for me, so I'm going to reveal a good bunch of characters for NvC! Here's #1





Well yes, it's Toad. Surpized? If so, here's why; Peach was originally planed to be in NvC, but due to many sad and hurtful errors, Peach was cut. But to take here place is Toad. He's as tall as Servbot and can do some neat tricks! Much that come from Super Mario Bros. 2. And while we are talking about Mario...

Mario Updates!

Mario and Luigi have recieved significant buffs! They are now MUCH more diffrent from one another and much more like seperate characters rather than clones. Also, Bowser recieved some updates to him too, but I'll explain those later. 

Part 2 will come around at 11:00 AM Central Time, I hope your excited!

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