==Remember this?

NvC Poster

Remember this?


This was a poster I made by using Photoshop, but I look back at it, and honestly, it felt a little blank, because it was pictures that were modified, so here's what I've done.

New Poster I made

NvC pDrawn

Here is the new official NvC Poster, and same with the logo (which probably won't be final) but there is something I hope you realize. Can you guess what style this is drawn in?


Jeopardy - Think Music GOOD QUALITY00:38

Jeopardy - Think Music GOOD QUALITY


Did you get it? Cause if you got "Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Artwork", your right! You see, I looked back into MvC2 and also SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee) and one thing that makes it unique is the artwork, so I decided to take my drawing skills and put them to the test for this game! I hope you like it! Oh, and before I forget, this poster reveals the plot for Nintendo vs. Capcom!

Main Story to Nintendo vs. Capcom!

I bet you were wondering why Rosalina is in the poster, and that's where things kick off! You see, years after the incident with Abyss, M. Bison looked back and was able to recover the orb, and oddly, was able to get into contact with King Koopa himself: Bowser. With the two communicating, the little brat we know to hate (who is Porkey) is able to enter the world of Capcom, and steal the orb. With the orb, not only did he have enough power to revive Abyss, but also Giygas.

Because of this, the worlds of Nintendo and Capcom are now coming together, and Rosalina from far above tries to warn the heroes down bellow, but she only was able to warn Ruby Heart and Ness before being kidnapped by a different form. Ruby Heart then sails to Onett and finds Ness. They then team up to unite the heroes, and this was just the main story. How can I say this? Because, every character actually has their own story, which means... well, if you want to know stories for certain characters, just comment bellow. Anyways, hope you like it!

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