Merry Christmas from the NvC team! And we have two christmas gifts for you all this merry season!

Sugestion Email!! We need YOUR HELP!

Yep, Nintendo vs. Capcom has a email now! For any character request/bug issues you face/exc. you can make a message to...

Also, we need your help with victory quotes! You can email your ideas to me, or place them in the comments bellow! But actually, this isn't the best of todays news! Check this out!

A Christmas Character Approaches!

Hype in 3...2...1...

Digimon theme song - full version02:59

Digimon theme song - full version

Tai and agumon
Well, Christmas is a time for giving! And these two pals make their way into Nintendo vs. Capcom!! Further info will be released later on!

Merry Christmas Mugen Community!

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