Hello Mugenites, I have breaking news...

Nintendo vs. Capcom is getting a recall.

...What does this mean??


Remember the 70+ characters I SAID were gonna be in the game? Well... not anymore. I decided to limit the roster to a officiant 48 characters and nothing more because I (and others) not only wish to get this project finished, but also work on other projects while making this one better as we go. WE ARE STILL RELEASING THE GAME, DON'T PANIC!! Another reason for the recall is that I wish to not spend forever in development hell with this, and drag down others with me.

Because of this recall, we are actually cutting two characters from the game which are featured in Beta 1A, Young Link and Amingo. I am sorry to everyone for the news, but we do have good news alongside the bad. Thanks to this recall, we can safly work on things in the present than constantly worrying about the future, in whole, a ealier release date. Let me announce the characters we plan on having out the next beta release.

Nintendo Capcom
Mario Ryu
Link Morrigan
Charizard Mega Man
Fox Ruby Heart
Luigi Blanka
Ness Roll
Red and Pikachu B.B.Hood

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